Unified Liberty Alliance

The Falsehood of Progress

Our society is NOT in an advanced state of development.

The DA & English media mislead the people to believe in 'progress':

Currently, the local news and entertainment media believe that civilization is at its peak.

They tell us that society is more advanced than it's ever been and our thinking and knowledge is greater than before.

These are the fancy key words repeated on the radio and TV:

The modern media encourage and put pressure on the South African Businessman, saying he must upgrade to a better lifestyle, which is useful for the future.

They do this under the disguse and assumption that the world is safe and the social and economic situation is under control. There is a promise made that technology will protect man.

Yet with all the excitement and passion in the air, not a week goes by where some news article doesn't surface revealing some new scam that reports theft - via exploitation over some technology.

On the other hand they speak of the currency of our nation disappearing, since Crypto Technology will replace it (??).

What these journalists and intellectuals do not understand is that society has not reached that state of excellency, where people can afford to dream of these advanced transitions.

And yet they're daily carried away with these adventuristic ideas, believing "situation is under control"

The Unified Liberty Alliance say to the people : 'situation is not under control'.

The ULA wish to prevent the population from being seduced by the prestige of glamour and opulence for - we will discover presently - this craving for luxury is responsible for sapping the STRENGTH and VALUE of our nation...

Typical South African Businessman

Take a moment to look at the typical equipment of a traditional South African Businessman

Traditional South African Business Kit

modern businessman inventory

Here is the imagined gear of the future

Futuristic Businessman kit [ ?? ]

future businessman inventory

The result of all this glamour and unnecessary consumption, creates a lifestyle and tradition of hedonism.

Hedonism : (definition) The pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle.

The population have lost sight of the things which support our daily life. There is no longer any importance and effort made towards our civil structure and economy.

Looking at the Pyramid of Needs, it must be known that every level must be functioning with maximum efficiency, before the population can move to the next level of need:

Maslow's Pyramid of needs

maslow pyramid ideal

For the last 10 years, since the soccer world cup was hosted in South Africa, our English population has been injected with a desire to gain recognition and status.

The people have started to look like famous soccer players with tattoos, piercings and $200 haircuts.

Or.. aspire towards lurid characters from sensual movies.

Modern hedonists of our age

hedonistic guys

The situation is out of control

This amount of consumerism and fashion cannot be sustained.

The ULA believe the situation is out of control because this is how the pyramid is treated in this country, regarding fashion and lifestyle:

maslow pyramid reality

The public do not seek to maintain or nurture the levels below the pyramid, and these levels ARE NEEDED to support society and the people.

The current English media, have no hesitation to promote this lifestyle of costly immoderation. They have no insight into the fact that consumerism on this degree is not sustainable.

They seem to find value in the sacrifice of money to ensure an image of modern vanity.

Do you really think these smoldering gentlemen are able to sustain infrastructure and civil life?

The public have sacrified millions of rands to secure the false-impression of wealth and prestige.

An overwhelming class of people, are unwilling to make the trade-off and compromise, necessary to fund and nourish the quality of daily life - civil life.

By those things we mean:

They would sooner sacrifice money to support their own sense of personal wealth, than risk casting aside the illusion of prestige.

And worse, it seems fashionable to be indifferent or opposed to the aforesaid criteria. It seems fashionable to simply declare aloud that our country is a mess.

"Why should we care?"

If any one here present has sensed a cloud of doubt gathering - while we submit this fact - we answer you this:

These lifestyle venues have not remained open during global quarantine.

Moreover, the cost of lifestyle is clear when we see the difference of price, that the public are prepared to pay in distinguishing their prestige:

It costs R10 more to appear upper-class

R10 price difference

Something has happened to the value of money, when we imagine that the green R10 note has become meaningless.

That somehow the people of our country are prepared to throw away R10 for the sake of appearing 'expensive'.

You may say with rightful argument, that this is competition, capitalism, free-trade, liberty and choice, but I ask you where does this money go?

Into the hands of the rich...

Into the hands of the executive elite who live in fortified houses, surrounded by electric fences and security cameras.

A class of people who are untouched by crime, servitude and daily survival. Viz. The members of the DA and all their sponsors and supporters.

These are not the type of men who have the strength & determination to lead us into the 21st century.

The lie of progress

The media say that books, the postal system, paper money and taxi-drivers are going to become obsolete in the 21st century.

They keep the public distracted by these dreams and empty-promise, while surrounded in poverty and crime.

Currently, the individual must rely upon several organizations to affectively send an email over a network. The integrity of the following companies are taken for granted in the following case scenario:

Use-case scenario of sending an e-message

what a man relies on when sending an e-message


The ULA in their plans aims to address issues of civil life, before promoting progress and innovation.

And given the complete silence regarding these matters, the DA is considered to be the official institution of non-action!

The time has come to nurture a people who by indivisible strength will lead us into the 21st Century...

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