Unified Liberty Alliance

Our Manifesto


There are three key words which define our theme. Military - Science and Consumer:

Military - Focusing on the intensification of the police force and addressing crime.

Science - Emphasis of technology, and a new lifestyle no longer repressed by media, or monopolised by formality and materialistic intolerance.

Consumer - The recognition of consumerism being a daily function of people, unbridled with guilt and hesitation.

military science consumer

Aspect of Military



Military - the word - will denote a strong, inexorable Police Force, which will occupy the streets with an increased presence. The wages of the police and security force will be doubled, to acknowledge the members in regard for the risk their work entails.

We will introduce a recruitment program, enlisting additional staff into the police via an on-the-fly training program, to optimise the preparation and training of each potential member.

This is done to extend more employment opportunity and strengthen our numbers. The prestige of law-enforcement will return to the public eye, and no longer be met with disregard and social abuse...

It will be inadvisable and unfashionable to call a police-man a pig

A similiar theme of obligatory conscription might be introduced in the eventuality of time, where certain select members of public will undergo a 6 month military / police training at local academies. This will serve to reinforce the moral standard of current men, and instill our youth with basic skills of reliable character.

Another aspect to address will be the steady removal of the now current practise, where lawyers are hired to defend the accused.

Our Judges will be armed with a new directive, displaying intolerance for any clever tricks of evasion and deceit. They will be imbued with a discerning spirit - swift and decisive - and no longer delay sentence by paying heed to corrupt lawyers who stall on purpose.

A system of imposing fines upon those who attempt to abuse the Justice System will be considered. And the death sentence, if re-introduced, will be sped up and dispensed immediately upon verdict. The criminal will be dealt with, avoiding wasted tax money and slow bureaucratic paperwork.

The police too, will be rendered more immune to any protest sensed within the public.

Our members of Law Enforcement are - once again - recognised as key figures who sustain the safety of the people and should not be suspended or discharged from duty, due to any collateral, physical or social damage incurred during daily life.

These setbacks are the natural result of urban warfare and cannot be avoided.

The military too, will be actively involved in the foreseeable future, and deployed if ever civil unrest would emerge in any area of the land; especially such events as student uprisings.

In the future, the idea of protecting people from crime will be seen as fashionable and rewarding, becoming a strong industry and career option - sponsored via the auspices of government interest.

Crime and the amelioration thereof, will no longer be distinguished by lawyers, insurance agencies, paranoid electric-fences or any other passive industry resulting in financial gain at, the expense of the people.

The Nation will no longer endure violence and riots

rebellious students

In summary

These are the key points of issue ULA will address

Aspect of Science



Our science, and our appreciation thereof, will be all-encompassing and non-specific.

We cannot afford to omit any view or person from the scope of science, and resultantly we welcome into the academic proximity, many new things and ideas that have in the past been neglected, or not bestowed the currency of truth (Verity).

Science is understood to be the baseline of the people and their indiscriminate awareness, regarding the outside world and our surrounding reality.

Technology is the direct result of the people applying THEIR knowledge of Science to create things for daily life.

Technology in made from what we know about Science.

The aspects of our civil structure and daily life are formed by technology.

So, those people responsible for producing technology via their knowledge of science, must be imbued with open-mindedness and verity, in accord with next-generation standards of the 21st century.

But the interpretation does not stop there, at the physical measure of the world.

Science must welcome into its attitude, a new aspect of appreciation.

For in the distant future, such things as spirit and planetary life-stream could possibly have new meaning. The current English Status Quo have enjoyed a certain abuse and scorn towards such potential notion, which has infused the people with a ubiquituous hatred of religious life.

The DA and their media outlets have used this leverage to nourish a resent towards religious people. We shall return the right of speculation, guesswork and imagination to the people, where within they'll have liberty to entertain new theories of spirit energy, and lifestyle, without being mocked and insulted by news and academic agencies.

The people sustaining our world of technology and science, must factor the essence of verity into our industry, and a secular attitude... appearing cerulean and aqueuous.

Science is our understanding of our environment and the planet. Technology is the result, where we apply HOW MUCH we know about science to create things for daily life.

YET... Historically and presently the ULA has no official view towards spiritual approach and life, and offers no guidance. We are decentralized from any doctrine and simply welcome people into the proximity of our banner, who have open-mind towards such things.

Our aim: To re-define the word science, to a concept accessible and approachable to the public. It will become an attitude and lifestyle not restricted to expert professionals donned in white-lab coats, and surrounded by expensive equipment.

Science will no longer be repressed by modern attitudes

rebellious students

In summary..

It is critical to remark that until this point, the majority of the English people and the DA have practised their own brand of atheism and material lifestyle.

Their beliefs and practises are summarized here:

Once again, the ULA offers no alternative solution or lifestyle, regarding the current status quo of the majority..

We simply make the first step of identification.

Aspect of Consumer



The industry of consumerism will be slightly redefined, if not in structure and logistics but at least in concept.
Consumerism is an unavoidable practise, and vital to life itself.

It takes the form of:
  • Products
  • Meals
  • Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Social byplay
  • Theatre, History
  • Music and Art
The ULA are of the mind that even a computer product or smartphone, is an aspect of nature. Even though the materials and pieces that makes it seem refined and superficial.

It is a normal instinct for people to create and produce. The materials used to create and produce are harvested from the Planet.

As a result, the ULA do not support the trend or longings for 'anarchy', where within the audience urge the people to topple the infrastructure of civilized man.

The hot tap that provides water is vital. Technology gives man more time, since he doesn't need to venture off into the forest to get wood, and he needn't create a fire with sticks and stones.

The myth, that man must feel guilty for being a consumer will be dispelled - steadily so - by a new attitude where the raw materials harvested from the planet are understandably the right of the people.

The people are the custodians of the Earth and have a right to its resources.

The ULA believe that the fumes generated from urban lifestyle and industry, are not a source of pollution, but a sign of civilized man.

The eventual result will be a junction of equal regard, forged between the rural & urban character, where both people are devoid of fear, guilt or shame unduly incurred from production and industry.

Another critical aspect of being a Consumer is to adopt a self-protective attitude, where the person becomes aware of what they absorb. Not only into their bodies, but into their minds and personality.

Attention will be drawn to music and TV shows imported from overseas, which encourage toxic ideas of luxury, abuse, and criminal aspiration.

For decades the current English-strata has not only neglected to combat this, but encouraged this propensity through their media and entertainment agencies.

While the ULA cannot forcibly sway the preference and lifestyle of every individual person, there will be effort to reach out to members of public, and imbue the parents and youth with better insight.

There too, will be a program which will address poverty, unemployment and class struggle - We will succeed where secular experts have failed, concerning current economics and politics.

In the foreseeable future we will discuss our own brand of Hybrid-Socialism working in conjunction with the aforesaid plans.

All that is needed to say in respect to this, is that our system will neither be distinguished by the hedonistic utopias of half-baked Socialism, nor the ruthless bee-hive state of present Communism

Finally, concerning the overall theme of Consumer Life, the ULA will opt to submit a law regulating the ambiance of shopping malls.

That being, no music with a lyrical message can be played in public places. Only instrumental music will be permissable, be it dance, jazz, classical, drum & bass or whatever genre.

The reason being, it is unfair that a minority are unwillingly subjected to the 'lyrical urgencies' of pop music.

Many of these songs contain a message in their delivery, that urge the population to submit to an unregenerate lifestyle and attitude. The ULA believe that it be much more conducive to have the public town square and venues free from auditory dissonance.

Of course, night-life and social clubs need not abide this.

The education system will have slight changes introduced, adjusting the youth to look forward to national life, rather than admiring overseas lands.

The radio stations are likely to be suggested to welcome experts onto their shows, who will cast insight into how such things as self-driving cars and CryptoCurrency are not yet issues relevant to our current age.

The Modern people of today are recognised as a Consumer.

modern consumerism

In summary

The Final Vision

A cultivated land and strong police force

Cultivating the land

Urban and Rural lifestyle will come together and be recognised as both equally important.

People working in the land have as much value as those living in the city.

Lands will be cultivated through a steady process of 'internal colonization', and unemployed people will be urged to become peasants working for newly appointed farmers.

Peasant : (Definition) A country person

Rural Lifestyle

rural lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle

urban lifestyle

Addressing the Police

The ULA makes the promise to ensure employment benefits and wages of the police are raised substantially; This will be done for private security guards too.

One of our main goals is to increase the strength and presence of the Police.

A new fast-tracked recruitment program aims to increase our law enforcement ranks, enlisting to their staff all types of people from various strata.

And the new directives of education will inspire excitement and interest towards police and military service within the youth and young people.

The Children will be excited about law and military

children excited about the police

Addressing Crime itself

The Death Sentence will be re-introduced.
If not, those prisoners will be put to use in the cultivated lands established by the government - which will be isolated containment regions under heavy security.

Concerning lawyers, the legal practise of acquitting criminals through swindling is to be addressed.

criminals walking free Lawyer protecting the guilty
death sentence Execution of criminals

The Next Generation - 21st Century

Our care extends to the police force, people in the country, people living in the city, the working class, academic class and all members responsible for sustaining the social byplay and infrastructure of daily life.

We are taking the first step, of building the vision.

Let the vision take form, then solutions to all problems start coming into discussion.

Our aim is to work in harmony alongside the Mighty African People, and prepare the Next Generation to be sound and strong as we enter the 21st century.

It is time to remedy all error and bring about a greater people for the future!

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