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Two future possibilities

The Dissolution of Eternity - If the DA come to Power

Today, I begin with a continuation of what I've said before, and I urge you to bear in mind that the ULA was galvanized into action in the light of recent events.

Before we proceed with the current section, we must alert the audience to events happening around the globe, especially in the blue states of the USA.

We remind the listener that the Blue Democratic Party of the United States find favour with the South African Democratic Alliance.

For it is clear that overseas entities fund all the vested media of the DA.

This is evidenced by the repeated practise of the DA news, who encourage hatred within the people, then direct those feelings to President Trump.

The regional states that are governed by Blue Democratic statesmen have suffered the following during the Global Quarantine:

California threaten to turn off Water & Electricity

Blue state news - california threaten to turn off water and electricity

"We will turn off the electricity and water of those who break the lockdown"

Such were the threats made by so-called 'progressive' and 'humanitarian' thinkers.

Other incidents recall the restriction of seeds being bought and planted by residents which might seem harmless and reasonable under the guise of prevention...

...No matter, there are - at this point - millions who believe that the severity and strength of the lockdown was only done with such desperate effort... to fulfil a political manoeuver.

The States who were governed by the Democratic Party wanted to trash the economy and render the blame shifted towards President Trump.

This was all done at the "expense of the people", which is a phrase now presently repeated online.

Even formerly democrat-supporting people believe this now to be true.

New-age oriented folk call out the Blue-States

Alternative-Lifestyle personality speaks out against Blue-State Lockdown measures

A strong Alternative-Lifestyle personality spoke out against the stern measures introduced during the lockdown.

(Again remember each US region had to carry out the instructions decided by the individual state governer)

In her delivery, it was clear the Democratic Liberal Party used the crisis to piggyback their attempt to destroy the faith and confidence, that the people have invested in President Trump.

The DA = Democracy = Mob Despotism

I now here begin to expound upon the true nature of the DA and what will come to pass if they gain leadership over South Africa.

It must be noted that they remain - as a target - almost impossible to identify and attack, due to the reason they hide behind a disguise of innocent camouflage.

Their watchword and motto seems to be 'LIBERTY' and 'EQUALITY' and they wield these words as a promise to inspire the people.

What they REALLY wield - still wield as far as the English people are concerned - is a powerful wand of mob despotism.

Definition: Despotism

Definition of the word despotism

The DA are onboard with the mob - that is, the majority of the population - concerning trend, sensation and celebrity prestige.

They wield the passport of urban glamour and accepted fashion and so - with that - they have in their power to destroy any individual or any movement that dares come forward to attack them.

Think steadily as to the importance placed towards LGBT found on the very forefront of their Site:

DA invests energy in a non-political issue

DA supports LGBT

They support a group demographic who arrogate social immunity regarding any judgement or ridicule. This is a perfect example of a class of people who use threat and punishment to protect themselves from what is called 'hate-speech'.

In any case if people look closer at recent accounts, often a person has lost their entire life due to some accidental media leakage, where within they said some remark deemed unpleasing to the audience.

And yet.. their news agencies fuel hatred and wrath for consitutional figures like President Trump.

There is no strong reason why a complete non-issue should have vested support.

An issue which has no economic, fiscal or geo-political value whatsoever is given space and time in the domain of our civil byplay?

An issue that - whether addressed or not - will never affect the outcome of our daily life and ONLY serves to fulfil a layer of vanity experienced through the lense of Television.

In any social setting, it becomes impossible to speak openly about things, especially when the mood is overwhelmed by cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The people are chasing after a vogue of urban culture and online fashion. And when they try speak about sensitive topics or social ideas they are crushed by historical regret and 'counter-ideas'.

All these said things and 'counter-ideas' are fueled, sponsored and encouraged by the DA and majority population:

The Liberal Lust for Crime and Equality

Another aspect of manner concerning how the media handle Crime & News is their astonishing usage of the 'word' allegedly:

Definition of alleged

definition of the word alleged

The liberal media - through the usage of this word - achieve the result of a 'tolerant attitude towards crime' by waving this catch-phrase of equality.

The people are forced to conjure feelings of overwhelming understanding and forgiveness lent towards criminals and killers.

A known murderer is STILL considered alleged

the cliche usage of the word alleged

It is interesting to note that this particular death, sparked the movement of the so-called Gender-Violence crisis.

Which in itself is another perfect false-argument, succeeding to distract the energies and efforts of the population into a vain persuit of justice.

The perfect distraction allowing activists and journalists to vent their anger at a scapegoat.

The word scapegoat denoting someone who is punished for the errors of others - in this case all the men of this country.

Another unsettling feature of crime management, is that it's become a certain trend and consumable practise for members of the audience to find morbid pleasure in lapping up the details of violent murders.

The TV and news usually contain subsequent coverage of any disturbing event, reporting it in a deliberate alluring fashion. There's also a lurid industry which provides similiar entertainment through reality shows.

A delectable account given by the perpetrator

killer gives detailed account of crime

Once again, we - ULA - identify this material as unhelpful information which transmits into the minds & bodies of the public a feeling of helpless despair.

While at the same time catering for the lurid propensity of a certain demographic who find pleasure in such detailed exposition.

Journalists of today enjoy a thrill when reporting any narrative containing murder.

The ULA are not alone in such deduction and so urge the audience to take a look at the South Park episode titled "Informative Murder Porn" (E2 - Season 17).

The prolific creators of the show - Matt Stone & Trey Parker - are equally not fooled by this vicarious practise sustained in the public domain.

Of the news report, we identify information which only disarms the public and weakens their strength, health and resolute wellbeing. What good is this news but to inspire depression and rage?

The ULA puts forth the notion - however sublime - that the TV of the foreseeable future should sooner be announcing the scheduled broadcast of live executions.

Our Future - Irretrievably lost in the hands of DA

The Unified Liberty Alliance define the word liberty in this fashion:
Personal freedom from servitude, confinement or oppression

The ULA in their aim seek to dilute the Current government with as much sensible English conduct as there is currently African Input.

Incidentally, we do not speak on behalf of the Afrikaans people for they are a group who have somehow protected their culture and condition from being ruined by the poison of liberal influence (the mild idiocy of Jack Parow being an exception).

And too, the respective intelligentsia of the FF+ speak with a concise deliberation which attests to their administrative unity.

Their representive members - in their delivery - suggest they're in a position to become the next opposition party.

That outcome would be the 'next best thing' and in any case even if the ULA disappeared into the archives of history, we would rest easy and subside to know the abomination of the DA has been consigned to the historical flame.

Finally, we have not forgotten the urgency and passionate spirit marking the EFF which is a matter to be touched upon momentarily.

For it cannot be doubted that the disposition of the EFF is rooted in real-life problems.

We speak of influence and poison - it is found in the DA interpretation of the word freedom and liberty:

Restricting State Activity:

the DA interpretation of the word liberty

Their definition of 'freedom' and 'liberty' is a flattened democracy where those who shout the loudest amongst the population will control outcome.

The Democratic Alliance wish to weaken the strength of our Republic. Their ultimate aim is to replace our Consitution with a Democracy.

You seem to think that the individual weight of each vote will be EQUAL but it will not be so.

For once The State has lost its strength and its foundation weakened...
that is the hour private individuals & organizations will gain insurmountable control over the people.

This monopoly will be impossible to overcome.

All thought, opinion and social outcome will be determined via the prestige and influence enabled by the wealth concentrated in their hands.

The outcome : The elite minority - who already now possess large sums of money will continue to grow in power.

What advantage the African people have in life will be lost.

The working class man - whether English or African - will lose his position on the ladder of commerce.

The police force will be restricted and clamped down upon, as Human Rights multiply and all the glory transferred to the criminal.

Our commercial industry will be geared towards all those demands of luxury and progress. Half-baked intellectuals will invest millions in the illusion of CryptoCurrency, while our national money loses value.

Organized Crime Syndicates are not exempt from this Elite Criteria. Back-alley handshakes will renew efforts to render all those accountants, lawyers, corrupt statesmen immune to any action.

Our military and police force is the only shield standing between the financial enslavement that these wielders of liberty would bring about if they could.

Naturally, are soldier & police force have not yet been corrupted with ideas of luxury and the hatred of President Cyril.

How do we know these things? Look at how the DA and their constituents decide to fight crime.

A case example of the so-called Gender-based Violence movement:

When the phrase "Stop All Gender-Violence" is introduced into the public: The scene is flooded with banners of posters and flags.

These banners creep into places of civil gathering: Churches, Police-stations, websites, university cafeterias, academic seminaries, etc.

A Sign reminding men to feel guilty

UCT says stop violence against women

Naturally, the Church - out of want for solidarity - will support such a movement.

Other areas of interest, will fund and promote further displays of theatre, putting together a cast of men who loom threateningly to beat lesser-men into submission

Smoldering men threatening to beat lesser-men

just men - a show of smoldering men threatening to beat lesser men into submission

How have the DA and their constituents managed to dodge the issue of crime with such slick evasion?

The answer is found - once again - in the domain of public life, where recreation and entertainment are founded upon sensationalism and drunken splendour.

When the narrative of daily life dictates that we confer more value on celebreties and journalists, than we do on our elected officials...

Celebreties hold more sway than Elected Officials

celebreties urge President Cyril for lockdown

The public are quick to forget what our celebreties get up to in their spare time.

Celebrity caught on camera speeding and crashing

Celebrety car crash caught on camera

Some of the audience midst this display, had the temerity to place blame upon the camera-driver for occupying the fast lane... while simply driving at the legal speed.

Such is the capacity of righteous thought coming from those who conform to the DA standard of liberty and right.

Other accounts attest to things so sensitive that the audience would sooner not hear the truth, lest it stains their impression of history.

These accounts refer to sound engineers who were present, during the musical production of Brenda Fassie, a celebrated singer of the past.

Whether the audience likes to hear this or not, we can safely reveal that the producing staff were lucky - after a day's work - to get 4 lines of lyrical stanza during a recording session, due to her level of intoxication!

Yet we cannot doubt the merit of her work, and must not judge the artist on account of her pain and vice. The ULA gives high salute towards the music she left behind in form of legacy.

Even though it was gathered out of tears and perspiration mixed with the fumes of liquor.

Where is all this pain coming from? what is the source of this hidden disposition, that the people have no choice to bind in the form of some vice?

All this error of license bestowed upon our people, are not the fault of our nation.

Our native people are in a state of anguish, slowly losing the strength and power of their rightful heritage, due to the destructive influence of DA Media - who have encouarged the dissemination of lurid vogue and criminal aspiration.

It is done by the permissable 'standard of life' imported from overseas and hence nourished and fueled via their media agents.

And if it was not wholly their doing, they are fully responsible for failing in their duty to protect our people from these things...

The Vogue of Urban Immorality...

eminem billboard A local radio station endorsing, Eminem who sung the words:
"Sit down, bitch! You move again I'll beat the shit out of you!"

The very same people who shout stop Gender-Violence are those who endorse Eminem. Has there every been a progressive thinker who advised their children to avoid this poison?

Class Division

The Democratic Alliance only cater to the needs of the rich and successful, those who have by coincidence or blessing received the prestige of wealth.

Yet, as we enter this sensitive region of thought, we urge the audience to realize, the ULA does not purport a heroic desire to confiscate the funds of those chosen, wealthy few.

Our economic program, when introduced, would be based upon the successful realignment of a lifestyle reformation, which in its accomplishment would successfully do away with stagnancy, and vain expenditure brought about from liberal excess.

It would be marked by the undoing of hedonistic damage, which until this point has been fueled and encourged by the leaders of the DA and their derived agents.

Their media presume to fuel the dream of success, which unregulated capitalism offers, disregarding the fact that hard work in its truest sense, has no real assurance of producing bountiful results.

The bold temerity of this statement will make sense momentarily..

Even a qualified doctor with credentials cannot rely upon environmental factors to protect him form the hostility of urban life.

Every business risk is a seed planted with no real assurance that water, sun and soil can nourish the growth of its life within.

the DA are convinced that society has reached a state of excellency, where equal opportunity abounds all people, notwithstanding those already born into money.

That is not to say the ULA doubts the rightful heritage of next generation wealth.

But what good is that wealth, if DA media is breathing into their ears to squander all money on affuence itself?

Understanding the EFF

It must be noted that the EFF correctly observed how Capitalism has enabled mere paperwork to entitle land to certain families for generations, whose forefathers simply arrived one day on horseback and planted a flag, claiming ownership lasting for over a 100 years.

In order to understand the wreckless political strikes dealt by the EFF, the audience must consider the thinking or feeling behind their message.. or rather, their one-sided interpretation.

And... in order to unite the people of this country, a resolution must be found in the form of compromise.

Some of this land in the foreseeable future will agreeably be divided, for our plan of 'internal colonization' - in accord with our program of Hybrid-Socialism. The ULA will proceed to unmask many other deceptive anomalies of Capitalism. But we dare not find fault in the heritage of family right, whether it be coincidence or divine favour.

Alternatively, certain plains of untilled land will be agreebly selected, and forcibly cultivated, through the combined funding of private and government venture.

What is taken away from the current theme here is that the ULA is at least partly sympathetic to the woes of the EFF and derived people.

Say rather, in our plans we will dismantle the myth and vain function of charity organizations.

Such as the noble illusion of Oliver Foot, nephew of Michael Foot (British Labour party leader). He was the chairman of many charity organizations - enabled via family inheretance - who could affordably smoke crack unabated for 7 days in a row, not having to flex a single muscle or move an inch to do any work.

The ULA will prove that when Ned Bank makes a show-of-sacrifice donating R12 million to fight the virus, that that money goes into the pockets of executive officials.

Just as much as Hollywood gatherings of mass charity are an equally vain display as the yearnings of John Maythan of Cape Talk 567.

The complete disregard for the African Folk is seen when Cape Talk radio runs the risk of ruining the livelihood of hard working men.

During the Corona crisis, they have been quick to label the drivers of Meal Delivery Services as unclean and untrustworthy, being "carriers of disease".

They have not been behind the scenes and seen the drivers in good spirit, hugging each other in a playful brotherly manner and comparing their accumulated wages via the display on their smartphones. One brother African Driver sizing the other up in laughter, showing his current value of R300 outweighs his friend's R250.

The Unified Liberty Alliance know well not to make the error of defining socialism as demolishing the 3 layers of class which have existed since the dawn of civiliation. The Low - The Middle - And the High.

These half-baked intellectuals and experts will no sooner budge from their desks and warm fires, to fulfil their promise of equality by lowering THEIR conditions of life, any more than the simple man will find interest learning differential calculus.

Class Division is unavoidable... But poverty, disease and crime are not.

The ULA recognise that a rich father giving his son a pair of Catepillar boots is an act of love.

Further we recognise an equal valid gesture in a poor parent holding their child or wife, having no material means to express love.

Yet these people, crushed by the demand of constant work and daily uncertainty, are robbed of the right to have surety in their love.

How is it that these people live in a situation so unpredictable, where within they're at risk of crime, fraud, disease, poverty, sudden unemployment, lock-outs from landlords and alcoholism?

Understand that our criteria of the oppressed goes beyond the gardener, peasent and domestic maid. We reach out to taxi-drivers, sales agents, waitrons, shop keepers, hotel workers, receptionists, security guards and call centres. All those people who maintain the operational layer of a business, who pespire and grind - on a weekly basis - only to fill the pockets of executive officials and bureaucrats.

A class of people siloed into a postion, whereby their work and effort, are the ones truly responsible for controlling the means of production & profit.

While the statesmen of the political DA get paid millions, living in fortified houses surrounded in electric fences and cameras - protected by a security guard who ensures their safety, but he retires home to a place with no such safety?

We ask the question, what is more important: The wellbeing of builders, painters, plumbers, electricians, dentists, soldiers, policemen and paramedics...

Or the opinions and feelings of this man?

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