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Methods of the DA campaign

The Democratic Alliance and their habits explained

The DA ideology - and its damaging affects

Putting aside fine words, I will speak of the importance of each thought.
By comparing history and present information, I will throw light upon surrounding facts.

This section will illustrate the true nature of the DA, and the damage that their entire campaign has done to South African people.

A damage that is so terrible and long-term that it might entail re-educating a whole new generation to repair.

The impact of the DA and their influence, is seen not so much in the economy and quality of our country, but rather in the social attitude and feelings of the people.

The DA cause all these things, while comfortably hiding in the shade and avoiding blame:

At first, these claims will sound un-scientific and impossible to prove.
it is difficult to prove something that is easy to negate.

Selective Hatred = Mob Despotism

We begin to steadily highlight key facts that begin to support each listed criteria.

We have already spoken of 'selective hatred', wherein the DA creates via their ideology a large group of people who will invoke violence and wrath towards an unwelcome person.

It is called 'selective hatred' because the group are only allowed to hate and harm a certain criteria of person in accord with the dictates of fashion and history.
This practise is called 'Mob Despotism'.

(Though the politically-correct / memetic term is 'social-justice-warrior').

To rephrase :
Mob Despotism is when an individual is unwilling to speak aloud from fear, and is not permitted to feel certain emotions - whether instinctual or prejudiced.

The Site of the DA makes a clear point of this:

Impossible Contradiction

impossible contradiction placed on the DA site
The above contradiction cannot be reconciled, where they uphold free speech -
yet make a promise to persecute anyone who might say something unpleasant or inimical.

Disposition of the ULA

We must make clear to the listener our disposition regarding the DA and their methods.

The disposition of the ULA is a junction between two problems:

Every day we suffer crime, poverty and hunger, meanwhile -
DA radio talks about fancy technology and expensive smartphones.

The Democratic Alliance are reponsible for promoting an unsustainable lifestyle within the people, through the directives of their ideology.

They create an atmosphere of opposition instead of unity, and have caused an unregenerate attitude to dominate the population.
All these things have been accomplished while the DA hide comfortably in the background.

How have they achieved this?

For the reason.. the people have grown used to the habit and custom, that these things are normal and seen every day.

That it is normal to tolerate rap-artists who sing about abuse and criminal luxury -
while still normal to tolerate crime via insurance, lawyers and home security.

That it is normal to pay the worker as little as possible -
and normal to care only for our private business and profits -
while at the same time blame the government for failing in protective duty.

Why not?

The youth, are taught in the academy and high-school to maximise profit, while spending as little money as possible. When these words are said aloud, they seem harmless and to the benefit of the student.

There is very little reason to say why not!

It is much better to follow history and persue our dreams.

Possible solutions: Socialism & Communism

Then in that same light, academic experts come forward and suggest options of socialism & communism.

All these university instructors and half-baked intellectuals with their noble ideas of socialism and communism!

How lovely - and yet so trite and overbearing!

When they preach socialism or communism - they seem to demand from us to lower our self and sacrifice our money & health in order to become equal with every one.

Who are they to tell us we cannot live our lives in a rich fashion?

The people of modern society have failed in their mission to convince the population about socialism.

They urge all of us to consider making a sacrifice in the form of some inconvenient trade-off... or social compromise.

The people of our society are not fooled by these armchair-hypocrites when they talk about political and ecomonic change.

The people know well that these instructors and 'clever hippies' will never budge from their armchairs and warm fires and lower themselves to the working class.

The very group responsible for representing socialism have disgusted the world by their own manner... and interpretation.

The ULA has accepted that since the beginning of time, civilization - one way or another - has always divided itself into 3 areas of class. There is no way or hope - through force or reason - to establish a state of perfection and flattened equality imagined by these liberal experts.

Yet there is the hope to address the suffering brought about when one class exploits another for their own gain.

Bridge too far

If the listener needs proof of how the aforesaid exploitation takes place, take a moment to call to mind examples:

Imagine those construction workers responsible for installing the lines in The City for the new Fibre Optic Technology.

If one were to stop and engage these gentlemen in talk, they would discover that these men make little use of internet service and simply rely upon phonecalls and the traditional SMS & WhatsApp to contact friends and family.

They enabled this technology for the entire population, but have NOT gained a reliable future thereby.

And the drivers for international and localized delivery services, Uber and Mr D respectively, by no means receive a wage that allows them to amass savings or secure a future retirement.

And yet they perform the operational aspect of these organizations.

Class division

Here now are the earnings & net value conferred upon each respective class:

The division of wealth between all 3 class types

Behold, the only demographic the DA attend to - The upper-class containing all their sponsors, constituents and supporters.

A group of the population with a disproportionate amount of wealth concentrated in their hands. With this level of wealth they have no incentive to alleviate poverty and crime. They are untouched by civil hardship, living in fortified houses with electric fences & cameras, protected by an underpaid security guard.

Amongst these ranks I also count CEOs, and executive officials of so-called charity organizations.

Those who could afford to be aggressively enthusiastic and unphased by Quarantine.

And whether these rich elite know it or not, they are contributing to the incremental support of a political party that - by their designs - run the risk of irretriavably destroying our economy in the distant future.

Do not think these are empty words.

Think carefully to the conditions that arranged the 1929 Great Depression.

Observe the trends of consumerism and speculation within the global stock exchange. The heightened demand of investment geared towards convenient leisure and automated luxury will not endure.

The above list of items should be noted and carefully weighed in terms of creating a self-sufficient nation. With the exception of online banking, they do not support civil infrastructure.

Yet the DA nourish these items in the news and political narrative, doing so under the blissful vogue of urban prestige.

The DA support Economic Liberalism

The DA are transparent in their motives when they define aloud that they favour Economic Liberalism.

Do not be mislead by that term - for it is a system where the country is run by family households and individuals - The state has little or no authority.

In essence : private people with huge sums of money govern & control the nation. The outcome of what such a rule would bring about is self-evident.

We cannot desire such a state of things...

For too many years the Democratic Alliance have maintained an invisible grip on the minds and hearts of the people, hiding behind human rights and 'equality'.

They wield the shortcomings of the ANC as a magic wand that hides the political monopoly they sustain.

Their innocence, whereby they avoid blame is due to the fact that modern tradition dictates that English people are by habit groomed for success.

It is normal to see English people living a rewarding life of rich health and bountiful celebration.

All these people are the constituents of the Democratic Alliance and - whether they know it or not - are responsible for keeping them frozen and inert for over 15 years.

The DA only care about the upper class:

da voters having a great time

But this state of political inactivity suits the DA very well. In fact it makes life easier for them, as every parliament member gets paid over a million rand each year while they keep up their empty show of doing nothing.

Yet they stay on-the-brink of power, promising people that something will happen in the future, something good and better.

The DA have made the same empty promise for over 15 years and as a result, no other parties have been allowed to grow:

DA hog all the administrative space and stop other parties from gaining influence

The DA occupy all the administrative space in our government. They have a Monopoly of dominance since they do not share the electoral floor with other groups.

This would be acceptable if they proved themselves - historically or presently - to be capably willing to help the people of our country.

But through their campaign, they fill the majority of the population with the emotion of hopelessness. A feeling mixed with rage and unhappiness.

They are responsible for the common belief that our country is broken and defeated.

The DA are responsible for convincing our people that South Africa is a terrible place to live.

It is not unthinkable that their statesmen & respective members have noted this contrived climate of repression.

It is quite possible that their agents have remarked that the negative mood robs Our People of all effort needed to take a more active stance towards civic life.

Regardless, the very fact their campaign caused this reality - even unknowingly - should signify their duly removal.

As it stands, our young adults and youth at a given age are determined to leave South Africa - while foreigners are no longer keen to come visit, on account of crime and the deplorable handling of the Water Crisis.

Certainly the water crisis was a perfect display of the incapable management skills of the DA.

Another example of how their vested journalists enjoyed the dissemination of fear was evidenced in the unrestrained coverage.
And Cape Talk 567 John Maythan - the yardstick of intelligence - had the nerve of telling one of our ULA affiliates, a french meteorologist to "learn to Speak English".

Her message was : "This is a dry cycle that happens periodically and will normalize in due time.."

It is not an exaggeration to believe the DA media took morbid unsmiling pleasure in the water crisis. There were even Helicopters flying above the city, carrying a banner threatening 'Day Zero Approaches'.

Contrived Theme of Anger & Sadness

We conclude that the emotional theme of anger & sadness has been instrumental to protecting the Democratic Alliance while they stay in power.

Even now, online Facebook traffic suggests the DA have successfully reeled the narrative to hold the ANC government fully responsible for the format of our national quarantine.

And yet every single DA member was unhesitatingly in agreement unto the measures, before the lockdown began.

The above empirical FaceBook data suggests that a new class have lately become convinced that the DA will liberate them from this 'repressive' government.

This outcome is undesirable for the ULA for the reason we aim to accomplish our mission before it's too late.

The DA rule will likely disempower African people:

DA politicians having a great time

The Mission of the ULA

The primary vision of the Unified Liberity Alliance is divided into two goals:

To minimize the DA presence from our political strata and restore equal harmony to parties:

DA hog all the administrative space and stop other parties from gaining influence

When this equality has been restored then the country can begin discovering new plans and better ideas.

The ULA in their aim seek to introduce an economic state system of Hybrid-Socialism into the land... and secure the wellbeing of the people thereby.

Those people who hold together the runnings of rural life and urban byplay.

Through the demands of capitalism - these people have had a cruel burden of struggle laid upon them.

Our quasi-economic system of Hybrid-Socialism will perform on-the-fly audits on many a localized business enterprise, in effort to secure needed funds for the state.

This will be done with discriminate restraint, whereby our agents investigating will discover many things.

For example: Is the value of R58.2 million conferred upon the MTN CEO commensurate with his daily workload?

Being aware that MTN is by no means a volatile company, whereby its revenue is simply produced by millions of folk who perspire daily to purchase air-time.

You may say that such things are all good and well to speak about.. yet midst an untrustworthy government with tax money allegedly siphoned into the pockets of state officials, no such work will eventuate.

But if the ULA does develop into an active party, through the process of extracting the DA from the public strata we suspect the country will normalize itself in a manner unprecedented.

We also speculate that in the foreseeable future a wave of conspiracy will be unveiled in the media, exposing key members responsible for money laundering.

Yet For now, we focus on:

The last point there is an important feature that must unfold.
For within all these misleadingly 'noble' charity organizations sits an avaricious executive siphoning off money from the donations.

The local banks will be requested to take full control of charity support.

They will introduce a computational formula that receives the millions of funds, and distributes the money evenly, depositing a divided sum into the accounts of folk who qualify.

The banks are urged to find a way of profiling their clients in relation to this new system.

Working for the people:

Above all, what we wish to introduce into the thoughts of people is how invaluable the working civilians are to our country.

How indispensable they are to daily life and maintaining civil structure.

Their importance cannot even be calculated through money, intellect or even spiritual measurements.

Pay no attention to the DA when they pretend to have our whole interest at heart.

The very fact that they conform to the system of Economic Liberalism attests to this reality!

It is the envisioned dream of the Democratic Alliance to have unelected, unqualified people ruling our country!

Their Economic system aims to limit State Activity:

The DA practise Economic Liberalism

Truly, for a strong national economy the State & Body Politic must be carefully guarded.

And even if Economic Liberalism was established, the present generation of DA statesmen have not the tenacity nor insight to withstand the demands of the foreseeable future.

Especially regarding their treatment of the Justice System and members of law enforcement.

The DA are very quick to bring any issue they encounter to be discussed in Court.

It seems like their members have no skills of negotiating and solving problems without summoning lawyers and spending money.

These legal events simply appear in the news media, usually with no measurable outcome.

Other experience has shown they make it their business to remove cops from service who have over-stepped their mark in duty.

What they do not understand is that such incidental setbacks are unavoidable during law enforcement.

You cannot tell a cop to know his business during the heat of urban warfare.

It simply undermines authority to tolerate some clinging individual, demanding the upper-hand via human rights and special treatment.

Law enforcement does not have time to account for bureaucrat regulations in the midst of conflict.

A strong, confident police force means a safe and active people.

Together, working in civil unity we will bring about a healthy and better generation as we enter the 21st century.

The Next Generation will find good merit and reward in fulfilling civil tasks and enriching the byplay of national life.

People who sustain daily life:

A class of people who must be protected by a new reliable social system

The people must not be fooled by the false prospects that the DA promote in their message.

If they were ever to come to power, it would result in a wealthy class whose influence and prestige would grow continuously, and so further divide the gap between the working people and the wealthy class.

Poverty, hunger and crime would reign supreme.

True liberty in its purest form will be irretrievably lost. Not only as a condition of life, but in attitude and knowledge.

The Democratic Alliance with all their constituents, sponsors and vested supporters would become permanent rulers of our country.

They remain remain in power until the end of time..

the DA would rule the country and never lose power:

A class of people who must be protected by a new reliable social system

This concludes the message regarding the coming future...

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