Unified Liberty Alliance

This is the online page of an emerging movement which might - in the foreseeable future - become an active political party.

We are a reaction to long-term events happening in the country of South Africa. The movement now takes the form of a group of vested people who are bound by an alliance of special interest:

ULA - Unified Liberty Alliance

One of the key ideas which the people of the ULA share, is their complete disgard for the Democratic Alliance, the DA.

There are three primary ideas which serve to set the stage of our overall theme:

Do not think these are empty words, think carefully of how for the past 20 years, there's been no real change made to daily life.

The DA have promised the people to overthrow the current government and establish themselves as the supreme rule.

We - in our plans - make no such audacious promise. We are more concerned with the health and daily wellbeing of our people. We seek to undo the damage incurred from the cosmopolitan lifestyle the DA have inspired within our youth and people today.

The public, thanks to the DA media agents, are fueled with a complete disregard of authority and a total hatred for our country and its leaders. They have lost the flame of patriotic urge, and have become disillusioned.

The Unified Liberty Alliance is of the opinion that 50% of the disappointment in this country is imaginary.

The ULA wish to work alongside the African People, in accord with their strength and unique power.

Building a Great City imbued with the Strength of Africa

The Future african kingdom to come

Protecting the established government

The ULA aims to work with the currently existing government, instead of opposing it.

With high regard for the heritage of our people and their diverse values, we seek a remedy for the current scenario.

The DA have been content to allow modern ideas of criminal aspiration to seep into both urban and rural lifestyle.

Our youth and children have grown weak from the invasion of sensual music and recreation, being imported from overseas.

So far, the Democratic Alliance, having no insight into these matters have had nothing to say in this regard.

Our media personalities, celebreties and journalists seem to nourish the situation:

eminem billboard A local radio station endorsing, Eminem who sung the words:
"Sit down, bitch! You move again I'll beat the shit out of you!"

The Political Stagnation

The DA have been quite comfortable to remain frozen and inert, in a political stasis.

Ever-on-the-verge, on-the-brink of power. Yet maintaining a stagnant narrative for the past 25 years, encouraging a climate of racial oppression and internal class struggle.

This atmosphere and memetic attitude has been encouraged by their media outlets & news agencies.

Other accounts attest to the fact that the DA have limited themselves to a very fixed class of English people:

The ULA have itemized thousands of cases where an individual has neglected to vote, simply for lack of interest.

In other cases the DA disregard other people, and through favouring the ego of a radio-host, risk the alienation of an entire demographic.

DA insults spiritual people A local radio station, Cape Talk 567, took it upon themselves to host a show titled: "There's no decisive evidence that God exists."

Repressive attitude

The DA urges their audience and constituency to practise a form of 'selective hatred', where within any individual coming forward - who appears bold or innovative - will immediately be labelled as dangerous, racist or uneducated.

This is done by the group tendencies and negligent teachings put into public circulation - via the libertine 'standard of life' - which the DA openly endorse.

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The Unified Liberty Alliance interpret the word 'liberty' defined as this:

Liberty : Personal freedom from servitude, confinement or oppression

Our definition is a united people working together. We are not a division, waging war upon established authority.

For now.. our emerging movement is still putting together our belief, and creating something accessible and coherent.

If any one here present in the audience wants contact, or hopes to enlist into our task force, send an e-message to the address below.

Thank you much for your time!

Contact - support@comsat.co.za